We specialise in designing and constructing custom modular (Octanorm) and custom (Wood) exhibition stands that are specific to the clients individual requirements. We offer the multi-level (double-storey) structure that can be further incorporated into the stand design of exhibitor's choice. We can now offer the Truss System - a highly flexible and scalable exhibition stand system - making your stand look modern and stylish.


Specialised Designer Stands

Using experienced and qualified designers, ShowMasters will firstly determine the client’s specific requirements and then design a stand in line with agreed objectives. Working in CAD, our designers are able to produce highly finished conceptual visuals allowing the client to see fixtures, fittings, graphics, lighting and other details before construction.

Building your stand

ShowMasters is an authorised user of the Octanorm Modular Exhibition System. Designed and engineered in Germany the system is a world leader. Octanorm allows designers great flexibility in the layout of a stand. The system is neat, clean and uncluttered and requires short construction lead times. Above all, Octanorm is designed to be both visually and functionally appealing to stand visitors and to make your marketing message the focus of the stand. 


OCTAdesign accommodates the creativity of designers and allows architectural freedom.  The interactive mode of operation of the program and useful scaling facilities make it possible to produce rendered versions of drawings. It offers a variety of construction possibilities and presentation features that include slides, panorama pictures and virtual reality.
Benefits of OCTAdesign:
  • For quotation purposes, clients can see exactly what they will be paying for before it has been constructed.
  • Clients can make changes or additions of what they want their stand to look like with the visual in front of them.
  • As is evident, if you compare the computer generated design & the finished product – WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET, and that’s our promise to you.